Our regular Customer, DynaSib LLC has entrusted us with the following type of work:


  • dismantling of the main production line and additional equipment at the production facility;
  • marking and photo documenting the packages;
  • production of packaging containers that meet the requirements of safe transportation and international requirements of phytosanitary control;
  • packaging (packing) of equipment for its further transportation;


The team of specialists took into account the technical features of the equipment and performed all the work using technological rigging equipment/modern lifting and transport mechanisms, in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety, which is very important, since this equipment is used for working with explosives.


The availability of specialists who are fluent in technical English has made it possible to consult online with a European equipment manufacturer.


It was taken into account that the equipment is shipped to the European Union and all wooden containers were made of fumigated  wood.

As a result of the work performed, we provided a complete packing list with a detailed specification for each cargo item, which allowed the seller to correctly approach the export customs clearance, and the buyer to easily install the lines at the new production site.



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Export Cargo


Dismantling and packaging of Equipment

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