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We are ready to offer:


  • Development of a full set of measures, including the schedule for its implementation;
  • Preparation of the special customs classification;
  • Preparation of packing lists;
  • Packaging and labeling;
  • Full range of rigging operations, including loading and unloading operations, relocationi and SKD disassembly/assembly;
  • Transportation and customs clearance.


Power Plants and boiler Houses


Generation for the good

The purchase, sale or modernization of private power plants and compact boilers is accompanied by many complex task

Our company is ready to perform the entire scope or a part of it. Installation of heavy units in the project location or dismantling of large-sized equipment, with the production of shipping package – our specialists will perform the work efficiently and within the stated time frame.


The complete relocation of a power plant or boiler house is a very complex process. The advantage of our company is the ability to decompose a complex problem into many simple ones, connect them in time and select the right tools to solve them.

The project approach to solving the problem does not allow to provide a ready-made solution, but it will allow to take into account all the nuances of your equipment, the requirements of the parties involved and the laws of the states in which the services are provided.


For more information on how SOLOGY performs complex transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, see the “Completed Projects” section.