We are ready to offer:


  • Development of a full set of measures, including the schedule for its implementation;
  • Preparation of the special customs classification;
  • Preparation of packing lists;
  • Packaging and labeling;
  • Full range of rigging operations, including loading and unloading operations, relocation and SKD disassembly/assembly;
  • Transportation and customs clearance.

SOLOGY customers get:


  • Project Manager;
  • A wide range of services provided;
  • Efficiency and convenient communication;
  • Risk management.


Factories. Production Lines


Every detail matters

Relocating a production line is a very complex process.

The advantage of our company is the ability to decompose a complex problem into many simple ones, to connect them in time and to select the right tools to solve them

When moving production facilities, our specialists fix each element, make an inventory and produce reliable packaging. With a detailed packing list, there will be no hassle with customs clearance, and assembly in a new location will be as fast and convenient as possible.


In order to arrange a cross-border relocation of the production facilities, we will obtain the special customs classification, both for the new and for the already operating production line.

A deep understanding of the processes from unscrewing bolts to the subtleties of customs clearance allows us to show the Client the whole picture, identify the "pain" points, and overcome difficulties before they occur.


For more information about how SOLOGY moves factories and production lines, see the “Completed Projects” section.


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