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For all these territories, temporary communication routes were and still are vital: ice crossings and ice roads in the cold season; water navigation in the warm period.


Of course, aviation plays a huge role in the delivery of cargo and passengers to hard-to-reach locations, but when it comes to forming a strategic reserve of fuel, construction materials, tools, chemical industry products and other goods, it is impossible to resort to aviation because of the limitations of the load capacity and, more importantly, because of the very high cost of delivery.


While the planned delivery of tools, equipment and materials to production sites is the only way to ensure the profitable operation of the enterprise, the delivery to autonomous localities or regions is the only way to create conditions for sustainable development and stability.

Cargo safety and delivery on time, along with compliance with safety requirements – these are our priorities in our daily work.


Examples of transportation on ice roads and summer navigation projects can be found in the section “Completed projects”.

One of the vectors of Sology work is the delivery of project cargo to hard-to-reach regions. We offer:


  • Development of a project for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;

Our customers receive:


  • Project solution of the task;
  • Confidence in the safety of the cargo;
  • Price and delivery time variability;
  • Market price;
  • Turn-key solution.


Ice Roads and Summer Roads


Infrastructure Assistants

Not all production sites, localities, and even regions of our country are connected to the "mainland" by highways or railways


  • Route research;
  • Transportation on ice roads;
  • River transportation;
  • Transshipment of cargo at transit points;
  • Delivery of cargo to oil fields;
  • Temporary storage.