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What if the product is one (a production line or a whole factory), but it consists of hundreds or even thousands of elements? It is possible to transport them as a whole unit and declare them as one product, disassembled into parts for transportation purposes.


What if the line or factory supply is too large? What if the delivery is stretched out in time, for a month, two or even a year? How to explain to customs that the parts coming from different parts of the world are components of the same production complex?


In this case, the special customs classification will help. Its preparation and obtaining is an extremely complex process that takes a lot of time, requires a lot of attention and a lot of serious competencies

Obtaining a special customs classification is a procedure that accompanies the delivery of large production lines from abroad.


Examples of such transportation can be found in the section Implemented projects.


Our company is ready to:


  • Make an expert assessment of the feasibility of obtaining the special customs classification;
  • Offer qualified work of a well-coordinated team of professionals;

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  • Favorable prices;
  • Competent advice;
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  • Turnkey solution.


Special Customs Classifications


Will make it easier to buy a factory or production line from abroad

Every product crossing the border of the Customs Union is subject to control by the customs authorities


  • Make an estimate of the cost of customs clearance without obtaining the special customs classification and with it;
  • Examine  documents and accompany the entire process of obtaining the special customs classification.