Aircraft (helicopters and airplanes) require regular replacement of overaged or failed components. The commercial success of the airline depends on the efficiency of the repairs carried out.


The geography of suppliers of aircraft equipment is so wide, and the tasks are so non-trivial, that our company considers each shipment  as a separate project during the lifetime of which not only the delivery time and budget are evaluated, but also the risks are assessed, including those coming from the regulatory authorities of various states.

Working with aircraft enterprises, we pay great attention to forecasting of delivery times of goods and have implemented many projects: from rescuing cargo stuck on a ship arrested by a creditor to finding a helicopter and of the suitable condition and delivering it to the buyer's door in Southeast Asia.


For more information about the examples of services provided, see the “Completed Projects” section.

Our company projects-solutions include:


  • Transportation of helicopter engines in crates;
  • Transportation of aircraft engines on special transporters;
  • Transportation of helicopters both within the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of aircraft equipment in various parts of the world;

Our customers receive:


  • Modern means of cargo handling;
  • Safe transportation;
  • The widest agency network;
  • The best price;
  • Price and delivery time variability.


Aviation Enterprises


High-tech business that requires high-quality service

During operation, no other transport is subject to such frequent, deep and scrupulous checks as air transport



  • Sale of aircraft equipment with delivery to the buyer;
  • Sale of aircraft with delivery to the buyer;
  • Disassembly of aircraft into components.

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