Our Customers are world leaders in their respective industries:


  • Helicopter / Aviation
  • Oil & gas
  • Machinery
  • Agribusiness and pharmaceuticals


For more than 15 years, we have been fulfilling their tasks in accordance with the best standards of service and design solutions.


In 2021, we already know that in 2025 it will be 20 years since we have successfully been solving the problems and challenges of our Customers, who determine the future of their markets.


In 2005 we didn't know yet that we would make our first service in Africa in 2008, and in 2008 we didn't expect that by 2012 we would become a leader in the packaging / transportation of heavy drilling rigs.


In turn, in 2012 there were no plans that in 2020 we will compete with the best freight forwarders in the world, delivering components and equipment from different parts of the world to the Caspian shelf.


Today’s Sology Logistics Rus is:


  • Hot spots in Africa, cargo part charters
  • Dual-use cargo / animals/medicines
  • Transportation on ice roads, ships chartering
  • Unique services in remote locations
  • Cargo handling in sea ports and airports
  • Direct agency agreements with the best airlines and shipping lines in the world
  • Own / partner offices on all continents


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We are Today


Our Advantages

25 own offices, in the world hubs

Offices in Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Ust-Kut

100+ Employees

The number of countries in which we have provided services over the past 5 years

Customers turn to us when they need to:


  • Find the delivery option, pack, lash, escort the cargo, transport, carry out loading and unloading operations, get a permission, deliver on time within the budget
  • Pick up under EXW, inspect, neutralize documents, pay for freight, clear customs, get excont, manage risks
  • Buy on yourself, take on yourself, pay, prove, defend a position, negotiate, convince, think through a plan, execute a plan
  • Fumigate, track, insure, bargain, train

15 years on the market of services



Global 4PL Project Solutions Provider which

  • operates according to the best standards of human property safety,
  • earns money by optimizing business processes, scale and complexity of tasks



Together we are stronger

Air Charter



Organize charter flights through regulatory compliance and best practices, training and careers, networking and events, lobbying, and mediation.


Africa Logistics Network


An all-Africa business network to support logistics operations and companies on its continent.

A new century network freight forwarder.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region


A non-profit organization and a special institute for business support. It unites more than 240 organizations of the region.

Helicopter Industry Association


It brings together companies representing various areas of the helicopter industry to coordinate business activities, as well as represent and protect common interests

  • We use only modern vehicles that meet all legal requirements;
  • Our carrier partners are inspected in detail according to the approved regulations before they get the opportunity to work with us;
  • We guarantee the client the performance of confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure of information that directly or indirectly may cause any damage;
  • We comply with the requirements of road safety, health, safety, and environment protection;
  • Our financial statements are audited annually by independent auditors;
  • We assess risks in a timely manner;
  • We offer a type of insurance that provides the client with maximum coverage – all-risk cargo insurance.

We interpret the concept of security in the broadest possible sense, and we provide our customers with the maximum “package kit” that allows them to feel protected



Protecting vital interests

We are trasted


We constantly improve our reputation in business circles