Unfortunately, neither the river transport infrastructure, nor the fleet are receiving proper development.


However, many regions and industries of our country are highly dependent on river navigation.

SOLOGY offers river transportation services in the Ob-Irtysh, Yenisei and Lena basins:


  • Provision of tank barges;
  • Dry cargo transportation;

Our customers receive:


  • Efficiency of interaction;
  • Confidence in the safety of the cargo;
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • Access to infrastructure knowledge.


River Transportation


Using the infrastructure created by nature

River transportation has only one feature of similarity with sea transportation –it is carried out by water transport


The competence of SOLOGY in the field of river transport has been repeatedly proven in the course of implementatingvarious projects.


For more information, see the “Completed Projects” section.

  • Transportation by ramp-equipped barges;
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo at the dock;
  • Loading and unloading operations of various complexity.

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