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It is often advisable to deliver goods over long distances by rail, and sometimes this is the only possible mode of transportation.


Transportation by rail requires fulfilling of a large number of related operations

Railway transportation is often a part of a multimodal service, including international cargo delivery.


To learn more about how SOLOGY performs multimodal transportation using railway transport, see the “Completed Projects” section.

SOLOGY specialists are ready to offer:


  • Selection of suitable rolling stock;
  • Calculation of the railway freight rate;
  • Designing the loading and stowage plan;
  • The first mile (delivery of cargo to the departure station);

Our customers receive:


  • Efficiency of interaction;
  • Daily information updates;
  • Confidence in the safety of the cargo;
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • Access to knowledge about the infrastructure.


Railway Transportation


The Locomotive of the russian Economy

The railway is one of the most important infrastructure units of Russian economy


  • Packaging / repacking of cargo;
  • A wide range of loading and unloading operations;
  • Carriage tracking and daily information updates;
  • Ensuring the protection of cargo in transit;
  • Last mile (delivery of cargo from the destination station to the consignee).