The development of machinery manufacturing affects not only production and technological processes, but also the life of every person, every day we use the benefits that the industry gives us: elevators, cars, refrigerators and much, much more.


No industry, in our time, can do without the use of machines, the delivery of which has a number of peculiarities.

Just as the operation of the entire mechanism depends on every detail, the smooth functioning of the enterprise also depends on how well the logistics processes are established.

You can see how we cope with the project tasks for Machinery in the section “Completed projects"

We offer:


  • Transportation of high-precision tools that require special handling;
  • Relocating production lines;
  • Transportation of factories;
  • Delivery of finished products to hard-to-reach regions of the country and the world;

Our customers receive:


  • Market price;
  • Price and delivery time variability;
  • Confidence in the safety of the cargo;
  • Operational efficiency;
  • Turnkey solution.




Industry aimed at increasing labor productivity

The evolution from the steam engine to heavy-duty gas turbines clearly shows that progress does not stand stillте


  • Transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Elaboration of customs clearance of technically complex goods;
  • Sourcing and supplying tools, materials and spare parts abroad.

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